What is 3GP?

For starters 3GP is a File Format that is used to listen or watch media files through. To answer the next obvious question, 3GP is the format that is being used by the new mobile phones as the format for media files. More specifically 3GP is the File format that is used for video streaming through the mobile phone, making it possible for those using the File Format on their mobile phones to watch videos and even create videos using the 3GP file format.

However the difference of the 3GP File format from other file formats of multimedia is that it is a container format for media files, this means that one file can contain several different files and also different kinds of files formats, which is a great advantage. So if you would like, all kinds of information such as data such s bit rate information along with video and audio can be stored together. So in simple terms, 3GP is the version of the File Format that is similar to the MP4 format, which is it has the same system and bandwidth capacity to hold a lot of memory and instruction in a small space; only difference is that the 3GP is compatible with the mobile phone system. So the 3GP File format has an even smaller Bandwidth and file size overall than the MP4 to fit it all in the comparatively lower memory space of the mobile phone.

These 3GP videos that are stored and viewed on the mobile phones can then be viewed on the computer as well; these need to be transferred to the computer using an USB Cable or through Bluetooth. It is simple to view the 3GP video on the computer because it is compatible with the common platforms of Windows and Mac etc. including the applications of QuickTime and Media Real player etc. The 3GP File is also very easily convertible to other video file formats such as AVI or WMV which would make the video even more compatible with other varied platforms. Similarly, these other File formats can also be converted to the 3GP format making those videos being easily played on 3G Mobile phones.

Therefore the 3GP File format is compatible with the 3G phones; and with these phones you could even record 3GP videos and then play them back and share them. The mobile phone and the memory size would determine the size of the File and the resolution etc. so these features might vary from phone to phone.

3GP is actually the short for 3GPP (Third Generation Partnership Project) and as is evident is one f the most recent developments in the multi Media Services. However, this File Format may also be used on some compatible 2G or 4G phones as well besides the 3G phones that it is usually compatible with. The innovation of the 3GP File format has therefore been a great advancement in the mobile world for easy storage and playback of media files.


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