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All about the Different Types of FLV Encoders

What are encoders? Encoders are physically nothing else but computer programs and could thus be called a device or computer software that does the job of transforming the same information of a file into a different format; this means that the information remains the same but the format changes.

Therefore when you are dealing with something more specific like an FLV Encoder it only means that the encoding that the computer application does is from a Flash File format to any other file format that it is commanded to do or rather the file format that you wish to convert it into.

So the types of FLV encoders merely depend on the output format that the encoder is aiming at. If you are planning to convert a video or even an audio FLV file into another format such as in AVI then you would need an Encoder that converts FLV to AVI; or if you need to convert your FLV media file to WMV for some editing then you have to look for an encoder that would convert FLV to WMV. The fact is that there are numerous file formats that an FLV file can be converted into; these include AVI, WMV, MOV< MPEG, MP3, MP4, 3GP, ASF and many more. It all depends on what your requirements of the output file are. Depending on what you need the file to perform you should convert the FLV file accordingly. However there are these different kinds of FLV encoders that are available such as FLV to MOV encoder, FLV to MP3 Encoder, FLV to 3GP Encoder and so on that could perform the task of encoding and converting the FLV files to your desired file format easily. There are also such File formats that are available over the internet that come in package form and are capable of encoding FLV files to various formats through the same application. You would have to specify the output file format, whether AVOI or MP3 or MOV etc and the system encodes the FLV file to that particular type.

Whatever may be your requirement of an output format, these different types of FLV encoders are all easily to be found online. You only have to conduct a search on the internet for FLV encoders and there will be a host of options being offered to you on various websites. You will find that some of these Encoders are offered for free while there are others that have to be paid for. Usually the free ones are either trial packs that expire after a few days of having tried them out or are very limited in their function.


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