MP4 Codecs and what are the different types?

Lately, videos have become an integral part of the internet life. From instructional video clips to entertainment films and music videos there is some kind of a video to be watched for everybody. However the problem is that all videos might not be in the File format that is compatible with your computer; or worse is when you have downloaded a video that you have wanted for your iPod and you suddenly discover that it is not in the MP4 format for it to be compatible with your iPod or iPhone.

However not to worry, you can simply make use of the several kinds of Codecs that are available online to make conversions. Similarly there are also several MP4 Codecs that could convert the non-MP4 media files into MP4 so that they can be compatible with your iPod and similar devices.

A codec is simply put a computer program that is used to decode and encode certain files and programs, therefore a codec being applied to a certain media file would convert it by decoding it into the File type that you would want it to be in. Therefore specifically an Mp4 Codec would convert any other media file into MP4. Vice versa there are also many MP4 Codecs that are available that would do the whole thing in reverse, that is it could convert an MP4 file that you may have downloaded from an online site into a File type that would be compatible on your computer or any other device that does not play MP4 Files.

When you search for these Mp4 Codecs on the internet you will find a wide variety of these that come in all kinds of packages. Usually these Codecs are found in a combined offer that say that once you have it installed you would have all your Codec needs covered that is they supply conversion services not only for the MP4 files but for all other file types as well. These kinds of Mp4 Codecs should suit you fine as you will find that the conversion would make the media files compatible with iPods and PS3 etc. There are actually very few Codecs that you will find online that are constructed exclusively for you to convert a media File into MP4 and this is actually not a completely desirable feature. If you have a Codec that converts various files into various other formats it makes your task of downloading and then accessing videos that much simpler.

So read up reviews on the different Codecs available online and make your choice of the best MP4 Codec. Many are free but the best are the ones that are paid for.