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In this day and age along with everything else technology has also reached new heights of success and advancement. Our biggest source of entertainment has now become the internet. If we need information maximum of us turn to the internet with its easy search engines and quick results, if one is looking for some kind of entertainment material if you need to download songs and movies or watch a sports game, it can all be done online. However just like the accessibility has improved so much to sources of information and entertainment through the internet so has consequently the use of different media.

In this sense, the need for videos and audio tracks has also increased and so has it become simpler to share video and audio files yourself. Even if you are going to watch an instructional video it would be a media file. However things can really not be as simple as it seems. It would be completely wrong for you to just assume that you can watch any video or film or listen to any song on your favorite video-streaming site just like that without certain aids. Even technology does not function that easily. So for this kind of use of media what is required are media players and since they all function over the internet, these are all online media players.

These media players are basically nothing but computer programs and applications that make your computer compatible with the media file of the same variance. Another concept that you need to get clear about is the fact that all media files are not the same. They can be of different file types or extensions. Some can be Flash, there are others which are Windows media Files either video or audio, there is Avi, MP3, MP4 or hoards of other files belong both the video and the audio file formats. So what happens is that a Flash video would not play on just any Media Player but only on that Media player that is compatible with Flash, basically a Flash media player. So the point is that if you want to watch a Flash video online, unless you have a Flash player installed on your computer you would not be able to successfully watch it.

So the moot point is that you should have some if not all Media players installed on your computer. This way if you need to watch or hear some media file online then you can simply play it, the media file would automatically play if there is the compatible Media Player installed on your PC. So what you should do is research and figure out what are the most likely media files that you would encounter. For example, Flash and Windows Media files etc are very commonly used on websites online, so install these media Players and you can view all these media files online.


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